Should You
Feed Your DJ?


The short answer is Yes. Why?

The nature of your DJ's tasks requires an extended day and they can't leave their Equipment or Music unattended. They also can't shut it all down and take a dinner break without severely impacting the flow of your Wedding Reception.

Step into your DJ's shoes for a moment. How would you feel if you had to work non-stop for 14+ hours at a job that involves a lot of physical labour without access to food?

In fact, when you look at what your DJ will do for you, you'll realize that they usually arrive early and have everything setup before you or your guests arrive and won't be leaving until they break it all down again at the end of the night. That's a long time to work non-stop without some food to keep their body energized!

CPDJA Recommendations

Your DJ should eat at the same time as your guests and not afterwards.
This is logical and practical since your DJ will usually have time to eat at the same time as your guests are eating. Once your guests are finished eating their meals, your DJ won't have time to eat because they will be busy monitoring your Speeches and getting ready to do your Special Dances or launch your Dance Party.

Your DJ should eat the same meal as your guests.
The fact is, your DJ can't go out for food and ordering in food wouldn't be very professional. By providing your DJ with a healthy nutritional meal, they will be well nourished to perform at their best for you. This also means that the kitchen staff don't need to prepare a different meal just for your DJ.

Ask your DJ where they would like their meal.
Most DJs would prefer their meal be served to them at their DJ Table. This way they can continue to monitor your Dinner Music and manage the audio for any Kissing Games and Speeches. Your DJ has a very large investment in equipment and Music and can't just walk away leaving it unattended. Optionally, you might choose to provide a Vendors table that is placed close to their work area. You are not expected to seat your Vendors with other guests. Provide your caterer with a head count that includes your Vendors.

What about Alcoholic drinks?
You are not expected to provide alcoholic drinks to your DJ. Keep your DJ well hydrated by providing them with lots of Ice Water.

We've been focused on your DJ. What about your other Vendors?
If your Photographer or Videographer are staying the complete night, you should consider feeding them as well. They likely started their day well before lunch and will often be there till your last dance at 1:00 a.m.

In summary, a DJ with a good meal in their belly will be a much happier DJ and they will feel appreciated. An appreciative DJ will work harder to deliver above and beyond your expectations. That's a "Win-Win" for everyone!

Have a great Wedding Reception!


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