Your Disc Jockey.


Unless you have seen a Disc Jockey at a function that has impressed you, finding the right DJ for your wedding can be difficult. It's not always the "best price" that does the job properly.

Being an intangible product, it's not like hiring a florist, cake maker, hall decorator or photographer. You can view the quality of their work in advance, and it will either be what you want or you can continue to look at other services.

How to Find a Professional Disc Jockey

The best bet in hiring a DJ is to hire one you have viewed or enjoyed at a previous function. Next, a referral from a friend or relative will give you some excellent candidates as well. If neither of these options are available to you, then you will likely turn to the yellow pages or Specialty Bridal Shows for suggestions.

Since you already on our CPDJA website, take advantage of our Online Professional DJ Directory. Click on "Looking For A DJ?" and start your search.


Following the tips offered by the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Inc. could be of help to you especially when added to your intuition and good sense.

Selecting the right DJ is a matter of homework.

What to look for in a DJ and some Tips & Advice

Experience is the number one thing you are looking for in a DJ. Ask your disc jockey if you can see his or her music lists.

Does this DJ use professional equipment? Do they have back-up equipment and staff available in the event of a problem or failure at the last minute?

What experience does this person have and do they know the proper etiquette and procedure for your type of wedding.

Do they take music requests from your guests?

Can they act as a Master of Ceremonies during the party portion of the function?

Is this DJ able to provide references and if there are many DJs on staff at this service, can you meet your particular DJ in advance? Chemistry between you and your DJ is very important from the very beginning.

If you are not happy with what you see in advance, you will likely not be happy with what you get.

Do they dress appropriately for the occasion? Do they drink alcohol or smoke while on the job?

Professional disc jockeys always provide you with a written agreement for their services. If they request a deposit for services, the deposit generally should not exceed one half of the agreed service fee. One third of the fee is a common deposit with the balance due on or before the date of the function.

Check to see if your disc jockey choice is a member of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Inc. (CPDJA). The CPDJA is a not-for-profit trade association of professional disc jockeys across Canada who are concerned with maintaining a high standard of quality in performance and business ethics in order to ensure that you the customer, receive the best possible music service for your function.

The CPDJA in many cases acts as a BBB type of service in arbitrating any unforeseen problems between DJs and consumers and can assist Brides & Grooms in advance in making appropriate DJ choices for their wedding.

You can even check any professional disc jockey you are considering with the CPDJA office by contacting the CPDJA National Office for reference of membership, licensing and any previous consumer complaints that may be on record.

Generally, a little homework and pre-planning can save a lot of disappointment.


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