Tips & Suggestions.

Tip #1

When you are planning your guest seating at your wedding reception, seat your grandparents and any other senior or elderly guests away from the dance floor and the loud music. They will feel more comfortable away from the loud sound that usually surrounds the dancing area.

Tip #2
If you are including one-use cameras on your guest tables, have your DJ announce to the guests to bring the cameras to the DJ when they are used up and not leave them on the tables. This way the DJ will have all the cameras gathered by the end of the evening for the Bride & Groom, and they don't disappear into the trash or home with guests by mistake.

Tip #3
It is common today for guests to give money as a gift. This is usually deposited into a box or container as the guests enters the hall. BE SURE to take that box or container into the hall once all the guests are seated. BE SURE to place that box where you, or someone you trust, can visually see that box throughout the evening. This money has gone missing or stolen right from the reception party in a number of cases over the years.


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