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Consumer Complaint Procedure

The Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA) will accept complaints from consumers against any Disc Jockey working in Canada. Complaints must follow the following procedure:

1. Consumer complaints must be in writing, and include name and address of the Disc Jockey, date of function, copy of the function Agreement between the DJ and the customer, and complete details as to the nature of the complaint. The written complaint must also include the consumers, name, address and phone number, and what resolution or settlement the consumer is seeking.

Upon receipt of the complaint by our National Office:-

Member - If the DJ is a Member of our Association, one of our Senior Board Members will call the Member DJ and discuss the complaint. The DJ will be requested to provide a written reply to the consumer regarding the issues of the complaint with a copy for CPDJA. The consumer will then be contacted by a representative of our Association to discuss the reply by the Member and if the reply was satisfactory. Should the complaint not be resolved in a satisfactory manner, despite our Association's attempt to arbitrate a solution, the complaint will remain on the Member's file as "unresolved". Two such complaints in any year will result in the suspension of the Member's Membership and all benefits for a minimum of one year and possibly for life.

Non-Member - If the DJ is not a Member of the CPDJA, the complaint letter will be filed for future consideration. Should this particular DJ apply for Membership in the CPDJA in the future, the complaint will be brought forward to the DJ for resolution prior to acceptance in the Association.

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or, you can reach us by regular mail at:

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