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Connect Music Licensing (formerly the AVLA) is a copyright collective, which administers licensing in Canada for owners of sound recordings and music videos.  Connect Music Licensing licenses the exhibition and duplication of music videos as well as the duplication of sound recordings.

Anyone who duplicates sound recordings or music videos and/or exhibits music videos requires a license from Connect Music Licensing or authorization from the owner or controller of the copyright. The unlicensed duplication of sound recordings or music videos and/or the unlicensed exhibition of music videos is an infringement of copyright and may be subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Connect Music Licensing's television licensing program allows television stations and independent producers to copy music videos for broadcast in a TV program on network, regional and local programs as well as specialty, pay and cable television.

Video pools can obtain licensing through Connect Music Licensing to provide music video compilations in an analogue or digital format to clubs and dances and for other commercial uses. A video road show license is available for use by mobile video/disc jockeys who make and perform compilations of music videos at functions such as school dances. Road shows can be presented in conjunction with a corporate sponsor.

Connect Music Licensing licenses sound recordings and music videos for use by Canada's major airlines on their in-flight entertainment programs. Connect Music Licensing also licenses radio stations using music videos and/or sound recordings in television commercials promoting the station.

If you operate a disc jockey service, restaurant, or retail outlet or are a fitness instructor, dancer or other entertainer who uses duplicated cassette tapes, mini-discs or CD-Rs, you need an independent/Disc Jockey license. Such a license is personal and non-transferable and does not allow you to duplicate recordings for anyone else.

Connect Music Licensing will also accept proposals for one time use licenses and other types of licenses and if Connect Music Licensing is unable to license a business proposal, Connect Music Licensing will provide guidance as to how to proceed.

Connect Music Licensing's other audio-duplication license is a music supply service license which allows music suppliers to provide compilations of sound recordings in an analogue or digital format and lease the music to commercial users such as disc jockeys, clubs and retail outlets.

Connect Music Licensing represents all the major record companies in Canada as well as many independent labels and artists. Connect Music Licensing members own or control copyright in over 95% of all sound recordings and music videos produced and/or distributed in Canada. To become a member of Connect Music Licensing you must own or control copyright in at least three music videos and/or three sound recordings.

Connect Music Licensing does not license the duplication of music videos or sound recordings for sale. All Connect Music Licensing licenses are for lease only. Connect Music Licensing does not license the marriage of sound recordings with any video images. Applications must be submitted directly to the respective record company.

For more information directly from the Connect Music Licensing office in Toronto, please contact:

Connect Music Licensing

85 Mowat Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario

M6K 3E3

Email: info@connectmusic.ca.