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CONNECT Music Licensing, Re:Sound, SOCAN

The following information is based on written materials found at the websites of CONNECT Music Licensing, Re:Sound and SOCAN. The CPDJA does it's best to ensure this information is valid but does not guarantee the accuracy of this information and is not liable for any misinformation.

CONNECT Music Licensing

CONNECT Music Licensing is an agency that provides licences on behalf of the copyright owners (usually the record companies) for the purpose of DUPLICATING audio and video recordings in Canada.

If a DJ has copied music (on to a computer hard drive, USB flash drive, CD-Rs, cassettes or mini-discs) or purchased music from iTunes to their computer, they are required — by law — to have that computer licensed by CONNECT Music Licensing.

Examples of CONNECT Music Licensing approved source content includes:

  • Store bought CDs
  • iTunes downloads (in conjunction with a CONNECT Music Licensing licence)
  • CONNECT Music Licensing licensed Music Supply Service & Video Pool content providers such as Multi Music (ERG), Promo Only, etc.

All Professional Members of the CPDJA have access to purchasing discounted CONNECT Music Licensing licenses for just $125 + tax (regular price is $331.55 + tax). Professional Members can purchase these licenses online through the “Member Benefits” area on their members dashboard (login required).

**2021 Special Pricing For 2020 CPDJA Connect License Renewals**

If you purchased a 2020 Connect License through the CPDJA, you will get an extra special discounted rate on your 2021 Connect License for just $75 + tax.  (You Save $50 per license).

For a complete list of music suppliers and more information, please see the CONNECT Music Licensing website.

Re:Sound and SOCAN

Re:Sound represents the performance rights of ARTISTS and RECORD COMPANIES while SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) does the same for COMPOSERS, SONGWRITERS and MUSIC PUBLISHERS. Re:Sound and SOCAN are distinct organizations that represent different groups and as such, both are required to be compensated.

When people hire a band or a DJ, they are paying for their services as performing artists but not for the public performance of the music itself. Performing music and creating music are two separate types of creative work, and each deserves fair compensation, even in cases where the performers are also the creators of the works.

Re:Sound & SOCAN fees are levied by all venues (not by the band or a DJ) which are available for public use such as hotels, community halls, etc. These fees are often shown as separate line items on venue rental agreements.

For more information, please see the Re:Sound website and the SOCAN website.

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