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Join us as Dave Ternier (via Video) trials his new presentation "I Am The Walrus" ahead of its official debut in Tennessee at the ARMDJs conference on June 18th. Join us in person on June 10th at Ruby Entertainment HQ to experience this presentation all about one entertainers journey along the path of creativity. What does the path to uniquely creative and entertaining moments at a wedding look like? How does a helicopter surprise a bride at her own wedding ceremony and how on earth can Cards Against Humanity be appropriately brought to a wedding reception without offending anyone? How are these moments created and what do they have to do with the MC or DJ? This is the road Dave will be exploring in "I Am The Walrus".
We'll be meeting for some general networking, but will have a Guest Speaker coming as well.  More details to come!
Ruby Entertainment HQ
518 Alberton Road
Hamilton, ON
Neil Lariviere