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Insurance FAQ

This page contains a list of common questions and answers about the CPDJA combined property and liability insurance program, as administered by LMI Canada Insurance (Formerly known as Erb & Erb Insurance Brokers).


Combined Property and Liability Insurance Program
as administered by LMI Canada Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I increase the liability coverage from $2 million to $5 million?

Yes, liability can be increased from the standard $2 million to $5 million upon insurance application for an additional $125 + tax. Simply include the request with your insurance application and an updated invoice will be sent to you.

Can specific venues I work at be added to my policy under the commonly referred to term of "Also Insured"?

Yes, they can be listed at the time of policy application or requested at any time after the policy has been issued. There is no extra charge with LMI Canada Insurance for this. Documentation will be sent to the insured member from the insurance company as proof of an "also insured" venue having been added to the policy.

Am I required to fully list out the equipment (property) I want covered by my insurance policy?

Yes, a full listing of equipment to be covered by the policy must be sent in with the insurance application. This list should include the make, model, serial number, replacement value, etc. for each piece of equipment. An easy to use sample spreadsheet for this list is available for download in the Member Benefits area (login required).

Are laptops and music libraries covered?

Laptops may be listed for coverage on your equipment list and covered for the replacement value you identify. Music library replacement is not covered. Simply backup your music library through a service like Dropbox or offsite external hard drive to decrease the likelihood of loosing it.

Can photobooths be covered within the liability and property insurance program?​​​​​​

Yes, photobooths can be covered but are required to be added as an extra "system" at time of application because they can be operated on their own (without the DJ system for which liability is included). Provided the photobooth equipment is listed under the equipment listing, they are covered as insured property as well.

Is coverage available for "cold spark" or "sparkular" type of equipment?

Yes, this equipment may be listed for coverage on your equipment list but must be certified and labeled with ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) or CSA (CSA Group).

Is my equipment covered at a venue while un-attended (day/overnight)? 

Yes, provided there is a reasonable provision of security such as venue staff in/out of the room and doors locked when no venue staff are inside​​.

Is my equipment covered while stored at a secondary address such as a storage locker?

Yes, provided the secondary address has been sent to the insurance broker to be added to the policy.

Is equipment (property) that I routinely rent out covered by my insurance policy?

No, property coverage only extends to the policy holder's use of the equipment. Coverage does not apply when the equipment is being rented out to another DJ or customer.

Is equipment that I rent from another company for my own use covered by this insurance policy, or should I purchase separate coverage for equipment this?

Equipment that is rented for use by the policy holder is covered up to a maximum equipment value of $5000 (deductible is $500). No equipment list needs to be submitted, but if a claim is made, a dated copy of proof of rental (for equipment being claimed) will be need to be submitted. Equipment that the policy holder rents out to other DJs, as detailed in another FAQ, is NOT covered.

Is damage to equipment caused by overland flooding covered?

Yes, but the deductible for this type of claim is very high.

Can I simply have my home insurance cover my equipment?

In some cases, this is possible, but home insurance generally only covers contents while they are at the home. The moment they leave (in transport or at an event), the equipment no longer has any coverage. Our specially designed program is designed to cover equipment while in storage, in transport and while at events.

How do I make a claim?

Simply contact our dedicated insurance broker, Don Wales, at LMI Canada Insurance.

If your question is not answered on this page, please Contact us.

The above information has been assembled in cooperation with LMI Canada Insurance. The CPDJA does it's best to ensure this information is valid but does not guarantee the accuracy of this information and is not liable for any misinformation as insurance details are subject to change at any time. As the CPDJA is made aware of changes, this page will be updated accordingly.

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