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Association Leadership

The Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association is managed and led by a volunteer Executive Committee, volunteer Regional Team Leaders and a member-voted volunteer Board of Directors. Association business, accounting and administration is handled by a contracted Operations Manager.

The Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Board of Directors is comprised of individuals that have been voted in by the membership of the CPDJA or, in the case of unexpected vacancies, temporarily appointed by the Board. The Board of Directors are responsible for the legal status and governance of the organization, as it applies to acts that govern the operation of not-for-profit corporations in Canada. The Board of Directors are responsible for appointing the Executive Committee and hiring staff and independent contractors. The Board of Directors oversee all aspects of the association and volunteer their time in this position.

2020-2021 Board of Directors

  • Stephan Gonthier (Orleans, Ontario) - (2 Year Term Ending Mar 2022)
  • Terry Holdershaw (Cambridge, Ontario) - (3 Year Term Ending Mar 2021)
  • Stefan Jez (Dorval, Quebec) - (3 Year Term Ending Mar 2023)
  • Rhoni Mohanraj (Brandon, Manitoba) - (1 Year Term Ending Mar 2021)
  • Derek Schwartzentruber (London, Ontario) - (3 Year Term Ending Mar 2023)
  • Tammie Schwartzentruber (London, Ontario) - (2 Year Term Ending Mar 2022)

The Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Executive Committee is the Board of Director appointed management team that manages and leads the day-to-day operations of the association. They are responsible for the implementation of new ideas and projects as well as maintenance of in-place programming. Each Executive Committee member is appointed for a 1-year term (and can be renewed for a maximum of 5 terms) and volunteers their time for this role.

National President

Derek Schwartzentruber (Term 1Jan 2017 - Jan 2019; Term 2Jan 2019 - Jan 2021)

I have been an active mobile and club DJ for 25 years and a proud member of the CPDJA for many of those years. Along with my wife Tammie, we have been operating Schwartzentruber Music Services since 2000 and I have also become a licensed Wedding Officiant.

I have witnessed the DJ industry evolve from vinyl to digital and have always wanted to give back to the industry by volunteering time with an association. As many have taught and mentored me along the way, this is my way to give back and help grow the art of DJing.

Music has been a passion of mine since I could bang a pot with a wooden spoon. Other passions that allow me to relax are listening to country music, watching my Maple Leaf's (yes they will win a cup before I die!) and unwinding with a game of Candy Crush.

National Vice-President

Dave Ternier (Term 1Jan 2016 - Jan 2018; Term 2Jan 2018 - Jan 2020; Term 3—Jan 2020 - Jan 2022)

I began my DJ career at the ripe old age of just 16 years old when myself and a few friends (Corey and Danny) wired our large house stereos together and started playing Aqua, Vengaboys, and The Hamsterdance for elementary school dances. Today, I operate Special Request Weddings, a highly specialized company that focuses on uniquely creative and entertaining weddings.

After having received so much incredible help from other DJs over the course of approximately 10 years, I really wanted to give back to others. My goal with involvement in the association is to help it transition into becoming a self-driven entity that DJs will always have to lean on for support, networking and education for countless decades to come.

My music tastes run nearly the entire spectrum from Metallica to Josh Groban to U2 to Armin Van Buuren to Matchbox Twenty to The Phantom of the Opera to Garth Brooks to Keane. I also love new foods and fresh and ridiculously dark coffee. And I love to travel...I believe everyone needs more travel in their life.

Executive Committee Member

Bryan Podworny  (Term 1May 2020 - May 2022)

At age 15, when Bryan was asked to help load some speakers into a junior high gymnasium for a school dance, he had no idea that it would lead to a lifelong career.  With the desire to run his own company, the dream became reality in January of 1996 when he started Expressions Entertainment in Brandon, MB.

Following the credo of his company slogan, “more than just music”, he’s always had a quest to improve not only his company, but elevate the entire DJ industry.  Inspired by Peter Merry‘s book, The Best Wedding Reception... Ever!, when Bryan took in his first mobile beat conference in Las Vegas almost 15 years ago, it was obvious that there was much to gain improvement.

Armed with a fresh outlook on the industry, and surrounding himself with great colleagues, he took on a leadership role in Manitoba. Since joining the CPDJA, he’s been a Board Director, and is now a member of the Executive Committee.

Bryan is husband to his post high school crush and best friend Nicki, and dad to two amazing and beautiful daughters, Ana and Ava.  When not working his business and looking for ways to improve the industry, he finds himself enjoying his Mustang GT, and in the winter, trying to get in some snowmobiling!

Executive Committee Member

Debbie Russell  (Term 1Feb 2019 - Feb 2021)

Debbie Russell got her start as a DJ in 2006, after tripping and falling in to it through competitive ballroom dancing.  Thanks to a series of lucky opportunities and a dose of serendipity, Debbie began to learn how to DJ in 2006, and quickly caught the event bug.  It was something that she did part time, on a one-off basis, while maintaining a career in IT consulting focusing on software development and quality assurance.  That consulting career allowed Debbie to live in, and travel throughout the US for work over the course of ten years.  During that time, she always maintained her dancing thanks to the availability of coaching, social dancing and training, in addition to DJing weddings and events thanks to word of mouth, mostly through the dance community.

Now that she is back in Canada, and working with Absolute Sounds, Debbie is still DJing weddings, fundraisers, corporate events, ballroom dance competitions, and other dance-related events.  Her specialized knowledge in the area allows her to play to a dancing crowd in a way that also appeals to those who don't have partner dancing experience.  In addition to DJing, Debbie is also teaching ballroom, latin and swing dancing, including first dance choreography for wedding couples.

When she isn’t working on events, the CPDJA software implementation, or other association business, Debbie is currently a full time student at Trent University, working on a degree completion in Business Administration with a focus on Information Systems and E-Commerce.  In her “spare time” (ha ha), Debbie loves to explore new places, try new foods, indulge in a cocktail or two and, when there’s snow on the ground, fly down mountainsides on her skis at speeds that most cars hit on highways.

Executive Committee Member

Steve Bourguignon (Term 1Mar 2019 - Mar 2021)

Steve got involved in DJing in 1982 when a friend of his who owned 2J's Music Machine asked for his help. That request eventually led to Steve taking over the entire company, which he still operates under the same name today.

For many decades, Steve earned the confidence and trust of his peers across the nation through his high quality volunteer work with the Canadian Disc Jockey Association. In 2017, Steve moved his efforts here to the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA) and was trusted with an appointment as Regional Team Leader for the Ottawa Region of the CPDJA. In his first year at the job, he led his region to receiving the Region of the Year Award.

The Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Regional Team Leaders (RTLs) are Executive Committee appointed individuals tasked to organize Networking Nights and other special events, locally in regions across Canada. RTLs are also a local point of contact for members and non-members that have questions about the association and its programming, such as insurance and membership types.

Many RTLs also participate in various committees in order to help the Executive Committee and Board of Directors with their work. The role of a Regional Team Leader is a voluntary, unpaid position.

Operations Manager

Gerald Hood

The Operations Manager is responsible for managing all the business and administrative tasks of the association.  This is a paid position and reports directly to the CPDJA Board of Directors.

The Operations Manager is responsible for supporting the Executive Committee and Regional Team Leaders, contacting new or renewing members, completing all accounting duties, preparing annual and monthly financial reports, processing all incoming membership information, answer telephone and email inquiries, manage insurance program, process all CONNECT Music License applications, assist with Allied Member program as required and attend local Networking Nights when possible.

Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association

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