For approximately 18 months we have been working on a complete overhaul of the information management system for the CPDJA and a new website. We are thrilled to report, phase one is now complete! Welcome to the new!
The single largest piece of infrastructure that enables the functional operation of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association made the full transition to it's next life just a few days ago. After a nail biting 24 hours of waiting for the website to populate all over the web, it is finally live and ready for interaction with all of you!
Since the very beginning of the Canada Wide DJ Call, DJs have been asking for access to replay the broadcasts of these popular calls. Today, we have great news about just that!
What was first started by the Lincolnshire County Council (UK) in 2016 (BBC article) has now become a global phenomenon. The #askforAngela initiative is a global safety campaign to ensure both women and men have an easy way out of awkward dating situations. Both the CBC and Global News have reported on the program being implemented in various establishments in Canada.
Many DJ publications have been spreading the word as well, in case a DJ is asked the question by a guest where they might be working.
The following text has been making it's way through DJ Facebook groups and other publications as well. The original author is unknown, but the story (whether fictional or not) illustrates how the program works and is something all DJs should be aware of.
Allied Members of the CPDJA