We have news for the DJs of the Peterborough, Ontario region...

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

The Executive Committee of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA) is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Regional Team Leader (RTL) within the network of CPDJA Regional Management. Regions of the CPDJA are defined as uniquely identifiable areas within Canada where there are a minimum number of CPDJA members. Where local leadership has been appropriately demonstrated, Regional Team Leaders are appointed to act as regional management of the CPDJA in their respective region.
Today, the CPDJA is proud to announce the following newly appointed Regional Team Leader:
Peterborough, Ontario; Regional Team Leader, Gerald (Gerry) Freymann
Gerald Freymann of Interpool Entertainment has had a love of music since a very early age. Back in the day, he was the typical kid with a cassette tape recorder recording everything he heard off the TV and Radio. He always had a tape collection and eventually started making his own “mix tapes.” Gerald spent money on records, CDs and lots of stereo equipment. Fast forward a few years and he soon got into radio broadcasting. After 15 years in the radio broadcast world, Gerald moved to working for an internet company and ultimately founded his own web design company, Interpool Development. In 2014, after deciding to return to his love of music and DJing, Gerald researched associations and liked what the CPDJA was doing so he joined, read and learned. Gerald references the CPDJA Facebook Group as having been a great source of information along with the local Regional Networking Night meetings. He brings to this new role a love of technology and gadgets and a desire to help others in his region. As a result, we are excited to bring Gerald on as Regional Team Leader for the Peterborough region!
From all levels of CPDJA management, we can not wait to work more closely with Gerald as he takes over from past Peterborough RTL, Gerald Hood (current member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors). The DJs within the Peterborough region will be well served by the "new" Gerald!