We Are

Searching for Service Excellence

Your Opinion is Important to Us

The CPDJA’s Service Excellence Program is designed to provide our Members with Association recognition for superior levels of service they are providing to their clients.

If you recently used the services of one of our professional CPDJA Members, your DJ Entertainer may have provided you with a printed survey form to complete.

Your opinion is important to our Association in determining the level of service you received from our Member.

We want to encourage our Membership to provide a high level of service to consumers. Members that surpass standard levels of service can be recognized by our organization with Service Excellence Awards.

Member’s Clients will be asked to complete and Mail or Fax (1-866-964-2299) their Survey to the CPDJA Office.

Each individual survey will contain a unique Registration Number that is assigned to our DJ Member. Submissions may be verified by our Association to ensure accuracy.

For more information on this Service Excellence Program, please email info@cpdja.ca or contact the CPDJA Office at (416) 234-2299 or toll free at 1-866-964-2299.