Between now and July 15, 2019, we’ll be giving away multiple chances for $100 credit vouchers to new or returning CPDJA members. If you aren’t currently a member, sign up today to be entered to win! Details below!

Starting this Wednesday, May 15, 2019 we'll be launching an eight week social media campaign that'll detail out what makes the CPDJA unique and what our members feel is of most value. If you've got DJ friends in your area that haven’t yet become a part of the CPDJA member community, this will help you to start a conversation with them about membership. The more we are, the better we are.

For some additional fun, the CPDJA will be giving away three (3) gifts of credit, valued at $100 each, for spending with any one of our Allied Members. This means that three lucky people will be drawn to spend $100 with DJ Event Planner, Photo Booth Expo, Acclaim Sound and Lighting, AV Shop, ERG / Multi Music Group, Multi Tech Audio Visual, PA Shop, Singo, Vibo or Xtendamix.

As a bonus, we’re going to give away a fourth $100 credit to be spent with an Allied Member to one of our current members! If a new member hears about the CPDJA through you, a current member (active member as of July 15, 2019), you’ll be entered in to win a $100 spending credit too! (The new member must fill in your name in the “Referred by a member” field, beneath the “How did you hear about us?” part of the online application form.)

This promotional campaign applies to all new members or returning members that signup with the CPDJA for a Professional Membership between May 1st and July 15th (General Memberships are not covered in this campaign).

All prizes carry no cash value and are given in the form of credit to be spent or applied to existing product purchases or subscriptions with any one of the above mentioned CPDJA Allied Members.

For all new or returning members, draws for all three (3) of the $100 credit giveaways will be made on three separate dates with one prize to be given away on each date. The three draw dates are June 4, 2019, June 25, 2019 and July 16, 2019. The one (1) member referral draw for the $100 credit giveaway will be made on July 16, 2019.