Certified Wedding Planners


The CPDJA has a number of Members who are not only DJ Entertainers, they are also Certified Wedding Planners. They have all completed the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada's (WPIC) Certification Program.

Since these Wedding Planners work in various regions, we have listed their base region under their names along with their contact phone numbers.


Michael Coombs, WPICC
Toronto / Toronto East, Ontario
(416) 676-7992

Bill McElree, WPICC
Sudbury, Ontario
(705) 670-9301

Dave Hastings, WPICC
NewMarket / Toronto, Ontario
(416) 580-8282

David Browne, WPICC
Serving Southern Ontario
(416) 848-0320

Ron Finlay, WPICC
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 742-5425

Leslie Tunnicliff, WPICC
Markham / Toronto East, Ontario
(416) 410-2577

Mitch Archer, WPICC
Cambridge, Ontario
(519) 578-2438

Laura Forbes, WPICC
Orangeville, Ontario
(519) 941-0937

Colin Raininger, WPICC
Mississauga, Ontario
(905) 339-8657

Cheryl Savoie, WPICC
Sudbury, Ontario
(705) 523-5435

Donny Lovering, WPICC
Greater Hamilton Area, Ontario
(905) 304-7464

Rob Kalmar, WPICC
Niagara Region, Ontario
(905) 325-0235