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Membership FAQ

This page contains a list of common questions and answers about the memberships available with the CPDJA. If your question is not answered on this page, please contact CPDJA Operations Manager Gerald Hood.


When does my membership start and how long does it run for?

Every membership is now on it's own membership year. An Annual Membership starts from the date of membership payment and will have a renewal date of exactly 1 year later. Renewal for the following year can be completed at anytime during the year by logging in to a members profile but notices will also be sent out prior to the renewal date, allowing that the member to renew without membership interruption. Monthly Memberships automatically renew every month with recurring Credit Card billing.

Do you provide payment plans for memberships?

We currently provide the choice of Monthly Memberships and Annual Memberships, giving members the flexibility to choose the membership that best suits their needs. We do not provide any payment plans, however, our registration process allows for memberships to be fully paid for by credit card (through which a person may choose to pay off their credit card balance based on a timeline of their choosing).

Am I required to pay the HST tax on my membership and CONNECT Music Licensing license(s), even though I live in a province where HST does not exist?

Yes, all members are required to pay the HST on memberships because what is being purchased from the CPDJA is not a tangible good (product), such as ordering speakers or lighting equipment online is. Because the CPDJA not-for-profit status is registered in Ontario, the association must follow the Ontario HST rules. However, you may be able to claim the provincial portion of the HST (your provinces PST rate) as a rebate from Revenue Canada.

Is a license from CONNECT Music Licensing included with membership?

Licenses from CONNECT Music Licensing are not included with any membership. Licenses from CONNECT Music Licensing are an add on a-la-carte item, available to DJs on an as needed basis, after they've purchased a membership.

What is the cost to purchase a CONNECT license through the CPDJA?

Purchasing a license directly from CONNECT Music Licensing is $331.55 + tax but they can be purchased directly from the CPDJA by our Professional Members at a price of only $125 + HST.

How do I purchase a CONNECT license from the CPDJA?

Purchase of CONNECT licenses can be done online from within the Members Area of the website.

For complete membership type details, head to our Membership Information page. If you're ready to join, register today.

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