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Code of Ethics and Conduct

The CPDJA believes in promoting strong mutual trust and respect amongst our membership, volunteers, employees, contractors and customers.  This is vital to the growth and integrity of the CPDJA.

It is with this in mind that the following Code of Ethics and Conduct (The Code of Business Conduct and Professional Practise) has been established.

This code outlines the standards by which our professional membership across Canada must conduct their activities with respect to consumers and other members and applies without exception to every CPDJA member, volunteer and employee, who acts as part of this growing industry.

Members will be expected to act professionally and appropriately to correct any situation whenever improper conduct is identified. Even the appearance of impropriety can damage the Association’s good name and/or the parties involved.


The CPDJA values and expects all members, volunteers, employees:

  1. to treat others with dignity and respect;
  2. to recognize and respect the personal integrity of each member, volunteer and employee and their freedom to strive for quality and excellence, regardless of race, sexual orientation and religious beliefs;
  3. to be accountable for their own behaviour, decisions and directions;
  4. to maintain the highest level of personal integrity, honesty and business ethics.


Members, volunteers and employees agree:

  1. to participate in the Association with the best interest of all people that it serves;
  2. to respect the integrity of those who serve the Association;
  3. to do nothing to violate the trust of those elected to the Association’s positions of responsibility;
  4. to approach all issues with an open mind;
  5. to foster honest, fair and open communication;
  6. to communicate with others with dignity and respect;
  7. to keep in confidence all information that is confidential;
  8. to make informed decisions in the best interest of the Association;
  9. to save the Association and its reputation from harm, litigation and tarnish;
  10. to uphold the ideals of the Association in any and all communications and/or actions.

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