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Dennis Webster
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My Name is Dennis Webster

Born in the 70s, enjoying high school in the 80s, and rocking University in the 90’s I have been involved in the music scene for as long as I can remember. I DJ’d my first show in grade 7 for my elementary school and never looked back. Throughout High School, I DJ’d many corporate events and public gatherings.  

Live performance caught my interest in my teens, and I switched to playing live in bands. Throughout my University, my 20s and 30s I play keyboards with a couple of local groups. In every show, I mixed the sound and ran the audio production. 

In 2015 I returned to my DJing roots.  I have since taken courses at Mobile Beat in Las Vegas, attended Professional DJ Training with Bill Hermann, and became an active member of the CPDJA. I strongly believe in life long learning. I am passionate about music;

I love helping people celebrate important moments in their lives.