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Crates! What is in your "Party Crate"? Brint the list of the top 15 songs that are MUST PLAY at your events.
Years ago I used CDs (like most of you).  I had 10 CD's that were my "go to".  I could never remember what was on them for the most part, just that if I grabbed one of the 10 I was sure to find a song.
When I moved to digital, I found that I could never remember my "go to" songs!  My mind is horrible with remembering all the songs that work (while I do have a bunch in my head, there are much more that used to be on those CDs).
I have always ment to get around to crating a folder with 150-200 songs that would pretty much always work.  Most DJ's would call this a "party crate". 
Well, it is time for me to get off my a** and get to it!  So this meeting is for me to steal your ideas!!!  (just kidding... but it was a good lead in, no?)
I first got the idea of doing a party crate meeting from a PhDJ podcast.  After mentioning it to Dave, he suggested taking it one step further and have everyone bring a list of their must play songs.  That idea came from this PhDJ podcast (episode #40).

So, pick your favorite 15 songs that are a MUST PLAY and bring them April 8th for our next CPDJA MB gathering.
See you there!
Assiniboia Downs Event Center
3975 Portage Avenue
Headingley, MB
Kent Gudmundson