The Executive Committee of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA) is pleased to announce...

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

The Executive Committee of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA) is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Regional Team Leaders (RTLs) within the network of CPDJA Regional Management. Regions of the CPDJA are defined as uniquely identifiable areas within Canada where there are a minimum number of CPDJA members. Where local leadership has been appropriately demonstrated, Regional Team Leaders are appointed to act as regional management of the CPDJA in their respective region.
Today, the CPDJA is proud to announce the following newly appointed Regional Team Leaders:
Halton-Peel, Ontario; Regional Team Leader, Karen Walker
Hamilton-Brantford, Ontario; Regional Team Leader, Neil Lariviere
Karen Walker of The Music Box Entertainment Group has always had a profound passion for music. She has been part of the DJ Industry since she was a child, following in her father’s footsteps before her. Karen has more than 30 years experience as a professional mobile DJ. Karen performs at a wide variety of events from weddings, corporate events, family parties and pretty much any event that requires great music. She performs with an open format style. Karen’s love for music has also taken her in some other directions as well. For approximately 8 years now, she has starred in many musical theatre productions and also helped produce and market shows as well. Karen is also an award winning trained soprano and has performed both on stage and at weddings. Karen also has a background in marketing and she currently works as a freelance graphic designer through a business she operates with her daughter. Karen brings many skills to the table and for these reasons, we are excited to bring her on as Regional Team Leader for the Halton-Peel region.
Neil Lariviere of Nitro Music began DJing professionally in 2013. Prior to than, music had always been a part of him. Growing up he was always the "go to" guy when music was needed at an event. It didn't matter if it was playing live or playing recorded music. In 2013 he started his professional journey and formed Nitro Music.  Neil started the company with just himself as a DJ but now Nitro Music has grown to be a small multi-op company offering DJ, MC, Live Music, Photo Booth and Specialty Lighting. "Community over Competition" has been the real driving force that has helped Neil grow and become a respected member of the industry. It is with this mindset that we are very proud to announce Neil's appointment of Regional Team Leader to the recently merged region of Hamilton-Brantford.
From all levels of CPDJA management, we can not wait to further lift up and magnify the work these two individuals have done and will continue to do for many years to come. The DJs within these CPDJA regions will be well served by these great people.