The CPDJA Board of Directors is now accepting applications of interested individuals seeking to help manage the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association through a position on the Board of Directors. The application deadline is Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 10:00 pm EST.

The role of a Director is to appoint, oversee and manage the day-to-day work of the Executive Committee (made up of the President, Vice-President, etc.). They are also responsible for hiring staff and ensuring the association is being operated in accordance with association Bylaws. The Board meets a minimum of four (4) times per year (in person or via teleconference or video-conference) in order to ensure the proper operation of our not-for-profit association.

Anyone is permitted to run for the CPDJA Board of Directors. Applicants may be members of the association, but that is not a requirement. Board members may also function in dual capacity, such as also being a Regional Team Leader or member of the Executive Committee.


The CPDJA Board of Directors will be adding up to three (3) temporary Board members to fill current vacant positions. The selected individuals will be appointed to the CPDJA Board of Directors on a temporary basis and their term will only run until the next CPDJA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April of 2020. At that point, if the individual would like to remain on the Board, they will be required to run in the Board Election at the April 2020 AGM.

Thank you for considering this leadership position and for your commitment to this organization.

The application deadline is Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 10:00 pm EST.