We have news for the DJs of the Durham, Ontario region...

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

The Executive Committee of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA) is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Regional Team Leader (RTL) within the network of CPDJA Regional Management. Regions of the CPDJA are defined as uniquely identifiable areas within Canada where there are a minimum number of CPDJA members. Where local leadership has been appropriately demonstrated, Regional Team Leaders are appointed to act as regional management of the CPDJA in their respective region.
Today, the CPDJA is proud to announce the following newly appointed Regional Team Leader:
Durham, Ontario; Regional Team Leader, Rob Gri
Rob Gri of Del Vinyl Entertainment started off as a skinny 14-year-old high school cafeteria DJ and then really began earning his stripes by competing in DMC DJ competitions. 20+ years later, he now runs Del Vinyl Entertainment, the company he founded six years ago. Rob describes his business as niche market turntable vinyl DJing and credits his success to a dedication and life long passion to his craft. Rob “Dj Greedo” is also active in the bar and club scene with weekly and monthly residencies at The Recroom Toronto & Square 1, Chuuk, JMW Lounge and Goodkids events. Rob has been a past contributor to our Canada Wide DJ Calls and brings a passion for the art of DJing that we hope will inspire many. As a result, we are excited to bring Rob on as Regional Team Leader for the Durham region!
From all levels of CPDJA management, we can not wait to work more closely with Rob as he takes over from existing Durham RTL, Shawn Walsh. We want to thank Shawn for his many years of commitment to the CPDJA and wish him continued success with his company, Step By Step Professional DJ & MC Services! Shawn has been a staple of the CPDJA's commitment to Durham and we sincerely appreciate all of the work he has done in the region.