All Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA) members in good standing (membership active and paid in full by close of voting) have the right to one (1) vote in the 2019 Board of Directors Elections. The voting will take place ahead of the 2019 CPDJA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the results counted and announced during the 4:30 PM Annual General Meeting on Sunday, April 28, 2019.

CPDJA members in good standing will be asked to vote as follows:

1.  Ballots will be emailed out to all members ahead of the AGM and instructions for returning the ballot to the Elections Committee will be included in that email. All ballots will be electronically cast ahead of the AGM

This year, three (3) nominations for election to the CPDJA Board of Directors were received and accepted. From these nominations, one (1) is to be elected. The candidate receiving the greatest number of votes will serve a two (2) year term.

Please take a few minutes to review the candidate bios listed below in alphabetical order by last name.

David Browne

David Browne is the owner of Toronto Business Communications Inc. (TBC Inc.). TBC is a Graphic Design and Online Marketing Solutions Company providing services for Print Brokers, Corporate Marketing Departments and Small Businesses.
David also had a DJ Entertainment business, Red Carpet Entertainment, from which he retired in 2013 after 40 years of spinning tunes and entertaining. During the last 10 years of his DJ career, David specialized in creating Heartfelt Wedding Experiences for his Brides and Grooms. He accomplished this by honing his presentation skills from the best in the Entertainment Industry including Mark Ferrell, Peter Merry and Alan Dobson. He also became a WPIC Certified Wedding Consultant and Coordinator.
David volunteered with the CPDJA and served as National Vice-President of the CPDJA from 2008 through 2016 working to promote professionalism in the Canadian Disc Jockey Industry through information, education, training and support, and to promote the highest standard of service to consumers. His portfolio included maintaining the website, producing podcasts and training videos, database management, IT, and consulting with the Board of Directors. He also met with the CPDJA Accountant and assisted with managing the financial responsibilities of the organization.
David received two Awards from the CPDJA. The first was the George W. Greenwood Memorial Award, in 2010, for outstanding personal commitment, dedication and contributions to the goals and objectives, and to the members, of the CPDJA. The second was the Lifetime Achievement Award, in 2012, in recognition of over 35 years of achievement and accomplishment as a Professional Disc Jockey.
David, who lives near Erin, Ontario, would like to see the CPDJA grow and serve more DJs across Canada.

Dave Hastings

A solid member of a Board of Directors must have the combination of experience, business knowledge and a desire to make the decisions that will improve the effectiveness of the Association by sometimes making very tough decisions.

After spending almost 8 years as your National President, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting and working with hundreds of fellow members who often had great ideas that helped us grow as an organization and a family. I’m glad to see that the “family” we worked so hard to achieve has thrived and continues to grow.

As your National President, I had the pleasure of working hand in hand with the team who was also responsible for tripling the number of members in the CPDJA during my term.

When decisions had to be made, I was part of the Executive that got the job done.  I have donated the time and effort to proudly represent the CPDJA across North America. 

Due to illness in my own family, I had to step back and become an unofficial advisor and sounding board to members of the Executive when I stepped down. I’ve never been far away.

That’s now in the past and I’m ready to come forward once again and support the industry that has been my employment of choice for over 4 decades to offer my talents, training and desire to make the CPDJA family stronger than ever before.

Yes! I want to become the next member of your Board of Directors.

Dave Hastings, WPICC

Recipient of:
CPDJA George W. Greenwood Memorial Award                                       
CPDJA DJ Industry Lifetime Achievement Award                     
CAMEO Industry Pioneer Award                                     



Gerald Hood

My name is Gerald Hood. I’ve been a DJ for over 35 years. I worked as a radio announcer for almost 10 years, and I have hosted and entertained at hundreds of events over the years. I am also a Licensed Certified Wedding Coordinator with the Wedding Planners Institue of Canada.  I'm also an Ordained Pastoral Chaplin, and can legally officiate weddings in Ontario. NONE of this qualifies me for being on the Board of Directors. The reason I am an asset to the CPDJA is due to both my education and business experience. I have a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting. I have also worked for the past 18 years as Director of Finance/Controller for a construction company that builds new homes. I also have successfully built my own Multi-op Disc Jockey and Photo Booth companies into some of the largest in the area.

I love this association, and for the past few years, I have become a very active member. I am currently on the CPDJA Board of Directors (the position we are electing now), I am also on the Executive Committee (E-Comm). I am currently the Treasurer for the CPDJA, and until this past week, the Regional Team Leader (RTL) for the Peterborough Area. I also am currently on, or have been in the past, many CPDJA Committees including the Constitution & Bylaw Committee, Auction Committee, New Software & Website Committee, Allied Member Committee, and was very active in our new insurance options due to the financial impact for the association. I was also heavily involved in putting together our new membership packages, pricing, and budget projections for our association. (I’m a bit of a work-o-holic... lol)

My goal since I first became an RTL was to help this association grow, be financially stable, and most importantly, serve our members. The MEMBERS of this association decide who should be on the Board of Directors with your vote. If I am elected back onto the Board, I will do everything in my power to make sure that NEVER changes!