Posted on Mar 06, 2019
It is with great pleasure that the CPDJA formally welcomes Debbie Russell to the Executive Committee level of association management. Debbie was the backbone to what made the 2018 Online Auction come to life and she continues to play that role in developing and managing implementation of the recently launched membership management software, website and future phases of both. For those who don't know this ballroom dance aficionado, here are a few parts to her great story.
Debbie Russell got her start as a DJ in 2006, after tripping and falling in to it through competitive ballroom dancing.  Thanks to a series of lucky opportunities and a dose of serendipity, Debbie began to learn how to DJ in 2006, and quickly caught the event bug.  It was something that she did part time, on a one-off basis, while maintaining a career in IT consulting focusing on software development and quality assurance.  That consulting career allowed Debbie to live in, and travel throughout the US for work over the course of ten years.  During that time, she always maintained her dancing thanks to the availability of coaching, social dancing and training, in addition to DJing weddings and events thanks to word of mouth, mostly through the dance community.
Now that she is back in Canada and working with ENI Productions, Debbie is still DJing weddings, fundraisers, corporate events, ballroom dance competitions, and other dance-related events.  Her specialized knowledge in the area allows her to play to a dancing crowd in a way that also appeals to those who don't have partner dancing experience.  In addition to DJing, Debbie is also teaching ballroom, latin and swing dancing, including first dance choreography for wedding couples.
When she isn’t working on events, the CPDJA software implementation, or other association business, Debbie is currently a full time student at Trent University, working on a degree completion in Business Administration with a focus on Information Systems and E-Commerce.  In her “spare time” (ha ha), Debbie loves to explore new places, try new foods, indulge in a cocktail or two and, when there’s snow on the ground, fly down mountainsides on her skis at speeds that most cars hit on highways.
The entire leadership team at the CPDJA looks forward to continued success working with Debbie!