Out of respect for member privacy and right to control what information is shared with the public, all member profiles need to be configured by the member to show up in search results.
Instructions for setting this up are shown in this video, or as follows.

1. Login to the members area at CPDJA.ca

2. From the members dashboard (default view, after logging in), select Edit My Profile.

3. Locate the area on the right titled PUBLIC DIRECTORY OVERVIEW (beneath the PERSONAL INFORMATION section) and click EDIT.

4. At a minimum, fill in your city and province. Optionally, add any information to the other fields that you want publicly accessible, including a written bio.

5. Click SAVE to confirm the changes and you will now be searchable by location from the Find a DJ page on our website.

6. Lastly (optional, but you really want to do this), after clicking save in step 5, find the Specialties tab (beneath your profile picture on desktop computers) and click on it. From here, you can modify five categories of specialties that are searchable from the Find a DJ side of the website. This will provide potential customers with more search ability and more information about search results.

If you run into any setup problems with this, your local Regional Team Leader should be able to answer most questions (they've gotten themselves fully set up already).

Please forward any errors or feature suggestions for this part of the website to Executive Committee member, Debbie Russell.