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Ron Finlay, B.A.Sc., P.Eng., WIPCC

Perpetual Rhythms Entertainment Services


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Finlay, B.A.Sc., P.Eng., WIPCC
Perpetual Rhythms Entertainment Services
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Hi. Ron here. I'd like to tell you a bit about me, so you know who's behind the company that is delighted to help you with your event. I believe people buy from those they know, like and trust, so let's start with know and trust, and see if you like it !!!

A DJ at a holiday party in 1981 couldn't be bothered playing my request despite an empty floor. He had the song, showed me, then put it away and never played it. As a ballroom dancer/teacher, my partner and I would have lit up the floor and got the party going, but, the DJ didn't care. My Attrribute #1 - CARING.

I put my engineering degree in electronics and acoustics to work and started a DJ service two weeks later, based on better sound, all request music format and confident public speaking from my teaching world. Later I added extensive lighting, enhanced my own personal development with training from other top DJ/MCs. My Attribute #2 - PERFORMANCE.

Over the years, I kept honing my skills, music, mixing, MCing (and became one of only two 5-Star Award Winning MCs in North America) and formalized the art and science of wedding receptions to create truly amazing feelings for everyone in attendance, all to my clients’ delight.

I have always had the best equipment, simply because I chose to and can afford to invest, since I had a day job as an Engineer. Now, I DJ full time, and simply have the time to create the best event experience, not rush to get there after work and only offer what can be set up in that time frame. I offer more, can do more, invest more time and create more - because I love weddings and seek to out perform and out deliver any other DJ and, I can prove it. Sounds like a lot, but, as an engineer, I dig into things and find amazing details that most people miss, which I share with my clients, so they are 100% confident when they hire me. It truly matters how they feel. People talk ; data screams. Let’s get the facts and work from there. My Attribute #4: HONESTY.

Years into my DJ career, I realized weddings could be planned better and cost a lot less money. So, the engineer went to work to study wedding planning and discovered the 3 big mistakes that 100% of couples make and the next 3 mistakes that 85% of couples make... wow. So, I created the wedding planning workshop where couples learn how to save $5,000-10,000 on their entire wedding & have an even better wedding ! Awesome, right? It’s true. I collated a list of mistakes that I’ve seen at weddings, called vendors, got prices, added it up: $33,000 worth of mistakes that could be avoided. So, I can now help couples - in one day - plan most of their entire wedding - knowing they’re on budget, on time and actually going to enjoy planning the wedding, not stressing for months. How cool is that? “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” My Attribute #5: PLANNING.

Contact me to learn more: or 647 528 3548 (DJ4U).
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