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July 28, 2020 9:36 PM | Anonymous

At the beginning of 2020, the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association launched a new website located at for the express purpose of helping the public learn valuable information about our industry.

Blog posts are shared on this new consumer focused website, in cooperation with our partner DJ associations in the United Kingdom and Australia, to help the public better understand our industry, learn tips about best hiring practises, what to look for in a DJ, what makes DJs unique and so on. Recent blog posts include Meeting your DJ, Standing Together, What If and Why Should My DJ MC?.

On June 23, 2020, the CPDJA launched another new feature on this consumer orientated website called "Spotlight Member DJ." In this bi-weekly space, we publish a spotlight profile of a current CPDJA member.

The first three members to be featured were Michel Lalonde, Darren Sherk and Darrell Lawrence. Each of these DJs took advantage of having their profile published by a third party (not their own website) and then were given the chance to share the post in their region as a way to share their story with potential consumers and help to keep their brand top of mind. Read through the spotlight posts published about them and you will see what we mean.

If you are a CPDJA member and you would like to be featured in this "Spotlight Member DJ" space at our consumer oriented website, please fill in the submission form with all relevant information. Our team will then take care of editing it for publication standards and getting your story to the world!

Will YOU be the next DJ to be featured?
Will you help us tell the world your stellar DJ story?
Will you help us create some story telling marketing material for YOU?

Gather your information and submit it today.

Thanks for helping us tell the world more about YOU!

All spotlight member DJs are featured in the order submissions are received and the DJ must be a valid member of the CPDJA at the time their feature is to be published.

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