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Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2019

March 2019

This CWDJC is all about the greatest takeaways from Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2019. Canadian attendees of the conference shared what their key conference takeaways where. If you weren't able to travel to this incredible DJ conference, checking out this CWDJC will allow you to discover what those who attended the show got from it. This is the next best thing to actually being there! For more information about Mobile Beat Las Vegas and upcoming editions of their show, check out their website.

Full show notes can be found beneath the video player.

Recap of Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2019

Show Notes

  • Introduction of Mobile Beat Las Vegas 23 conference call.
  • Monday morning workshops [4:45]
  • Why People Dance and How to Maximize Their Experience – Mike Walter [6:30]
  • Ben Stowe’s Geek Hour [15:35]
  • “How Much Do You Charge?” And Other Great Buying Signals Decoded – Alan Berg [18:24]
  • Don’t Lose Your Reason Why, in Business and in Life – Sean McKee [25:22]
  • Canadian DJ Dinner and party with DMC of Run DMC [28:12]
  • Gamification Nation – Rob Ferre [35:11]
  • Top Tasks to Change Your Business in a Week – Jason Klock [38:38]
  • State of the DJ Industry – Matt Martindale [42:48]
  • Social Stature and Selling – Andrea Eppolito [44:25]
  • MOBILE BEAT SPECIAL GUEST: Marc Summers [50:25]
  • Exhibit Floor [53:35]
  • Wake Up Wednesday – Sean McKee and Game Changing Tweaks for Wedding Receptions – Matt Wiechmann [57:40]
  • LEVEL UP your School Game – Nate Nelson [1:06:47]
  • Done is Better than Perfect – Vanessa Joy [1:09:00]
  • KEYNOTE: Getting What You’re Worth 20/20 – Mark Ferrell [1:13:44]
  • Taking Bad Habits Out of the Mix – Howard Wallach [1:30:35]
  • Help StrATEgy; Do You Have ATE? – Mitch Taylor [1:32:05]
  • 5 Reasons Your DJ Website Sucks (and What to Do About It) – Phil Morse [1:35:00]
  • 10 Things You Can Take Away From this Conference and CRUSH IT – Jason Jani [1:41:10]
  • How Successful Businesses Think and Grow – Bryan Dodge [1:43:43]
  • Tickets for next year? [1:53:00]
  • Final overall thoughts. [1:59:15]

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